Analytical services

We offer you comprehensive services for chemical and microbiological analyses. We have experienced, quality-orientated and committed personnel who take pride in delivering accurate and scientifically valid results. Our personnel undergo continuous training to ensure that you receive services of the highest quality. Continuous investment in the laboratory techniques and facilities ensure that we can keep up with the needs of our clients. Our laboratories have a GMP licence and GMP certificates.

Chemical analysis

  • Method development, validation and transfer
    • • Method development for various analytical techniques
    • • Method validation according to current regulatory guidelines with complete documentation
    • • Method transfer with full documentation
    • • Development and validation of analytical methods for cleaning validation

  • Quality control
    • • Comprehensive quality control analytics of drug substances and excipients
    • • Quality control of finished products
    • • Re-analysis of pharmaceutical products for the EU market
    • • Batch certification by QP
    • • Continuous follow-up stability testing for products on the market

Analytics of inhalation products

  • Highly experienced inhalation team
  • Humidity- and temperature-controlled GMP laboratory for inhalation analytics
  • Experience on analytics of DPIs (dry powder inhalers) and MDIs (metered-dose inhalers)
    • • Determination of fine particle doses and fine particle characteristics
    • • Uniformity of delivered dose
  • Other standard tests of inhalation products
    • • Assay
    • • Identification
    • • Impurities
    • • Water content
    • • Mechanical function of the device
    • • Number of deliveries per inhaler
    • • Microbiological tests
  • List of techniques for inhalation analytics

    • • Apparatus E (Next Generation Impactor)
    • • Apparatus C (Multi-stage liquid impinger)
    • • Apparatus D (Andersen cascade impactor)
    • • Apparatus A (Glass impinger)
    • • Delivered-dose sampling apparatus

Full analytical package for stability studies
› Stability studies

Analytics for process validation
› Technology transfers and industrialisation

For more information please contact

Laboratory manager Tuija Happonen (Analytical Services)

Current techniques for chemical/physical testing
• UPLC with UV, DAD detector
• HPLCs with UV,
DAD, RI detectors
• GCs
• Spectrophotometers
• Polarimeter
• In-vitro dissolution
• Disintegration tester
• Friability tester
• Melting point
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