Medfiles is happy to assist cosmetic companies of all sizes with matters related to importing, manufacturing, labelling and marketing claims of cosmetic products. We offer you our comprehensive regulative expertise along with professional quality management, analytical and clinical study services for your success. Our hard-working team is specialised in raw materials and ingredients, which may be used both in cosmetic and food products.


  • Product Information Files and Cosmetic Safety Assessments
    • • Regulatory compliance of ingredients
    • • Cosmetic product safety assessments
    • • Product information files (PIF)
    • • Product notifications to European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal
    • • Literature searches and reviews
    • • Laboratory analysis

  • Cosmetic Labelling
    • • Compilation of cosmetic labelling, regulatory conformity check, reviews, updates and translations
    • • Developing claims on product characteristics or functions
    • • Clinical studies on claim substantiation

  • Borderline Issues
    • • Clarification of borderline issues (cosmetic-drug, cosmetic-medical device, cosmetic-food, and cosmetic-biocide)
    • • Identification of the most suitable launch strategy and regulatory positioning

For more information, please contact

Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert Essi Sarkkinen